Assalub Waste Cleaner (Oil Cleaner)

oil cleaner two min

Assalub Oil Cleaner is an industrial oil cleaning equipment. It strongly vacuums the oil on the surface into a standard barrel. It can vacuum all kinds of fluids in liquid form. It can be used instead of sorbent. It can be used on surfaces, cast plates or machines. It can catch particles up to 30 mm in diameter. It can fill a 200-liter barrel with dirty or clean oil in 2 or 3 minutes. – Overflow protection – On/Off valve and hose nipple – 2” camlock barrel connection, for 38mm hose – Vacuum hose, 2 m x 38 mm. – 38 mm hose end piece for suction hose – Chrome suction pipe – Floor vacuum with rubber scraper – Air connection ISO-G1/4


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