Belt-Dress (Belt Spray)

GENERAL INFORMATION SAF–T–EZE Belt-Dress belt spray has been formulated in line with the demands of the industry for more effective operation and prolongation of the life of belt and pulley mechanisms. The SAF–T–EZE Belt-Dress synthetic polymer regenerates the worn belt by removing stiffness from the belt. It also provides water resistance. Belt anti-slip sprays prevent belt tangles and also increase friction between belt and pulley and prevent belt tensions. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:

Flash Point:-40°C
Density:0.9 gr/cc

ADVANTAGES: • Increases the tensile strength of the belt. • Reduces the tension of the belt. • Ensures silent operation of the belt. • Prevents power loss. • Provides water resistance. • Extends belt life. • Extends the bearing life of the pulley. APPLICATION: Stop the belt and allow it to be at room temperature. Apply to the inner surface of the belt and the pulley surface. Apply in small quantities. Repeat the application at regular intervals. USAGE POINTS: Flat, round and V belts of all sizes. Please contact our company for more detailed information. 


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