Cast Body Pumps

The most important advantage of these pumps is to prevent gland leaks caused by aggressive and dangerous chemicals. Thus, dangerous chemicals are prevented from harming the environment and people. In applications with a maximum pressure of 20 bar and a flow rate of up to 325 m3/h, all parts that the fluid touches are ETFE coated, magnetically driven (glandless) pumps with a specially painted cast body.

It is preferred especially in scrubber processes in energy industries, where high pressure is needed, in chemical and steel applications that require high flow, in treatment plants, bleach processes, and in the transfer of fluids with many different chemical contents. You can access the catalog and performance curves of these pumps on the side. If you contact our company for detailed technical information and price quotation requests about pumps, our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. Technical Specifications

  • Glandless design
  • Cast body
  • ETFE coated surfaces in contact with the fluid
  • Maximum 20 bar pressure – maximum 325 m3/h flow
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Easy maintenance-repair
  • ATEX and Bronze Ring option available
  • Easy motor coupling that does not require motor-shaft adjustment

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