EF Series (Economic Model)

ef serisi
ef serisi

EF Series is an economical barrel pump with glandless design, produced for acid, base, flammable and corrosive fluids. Technical Specifications

  • Economic model for light load transfer
  • Convenient and safe use instead of a hand pump
  • Glandless design
  • Polypropylene, PVDF and 316SS body options
  • Air or electric motor options
  • Rechargeable engine option for environments without electricity and air system (for example, in vehicles and off-road conditions)
  • Max. 300 cps viscosity limit
  • Max. 64 lt/min flow
  • Max. 6.1 head
  • Max. 1.2 g/cm3 density
  • Max. temperature resistance: 66 C (Polypropylene), 71 C (PVDF) and 100 C (316SS)
  • 31,8 mm body diameter

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