HVDP Series (Very High Viscosity)

hvdp pompa

HVDP SERIES is a high-performance barrel pump working with a rotor/stator system produced for high-viscosity products (chemical additives, grease, cosmetics, coating materials, paint, food, etc.). Technical Specifications 

  • 316SS body
  • Air and electric motor options
  • Easy cleaning
  • 27” (69cm), 40” (102cm), 48” (122cm) body length options
  • Max. 100,000 cps viscosity limit
  • Max. 1.83 gr/cm3 density
  • Max. 82 C temperature resistance
  • Max. 32 liters/minute flow
  • Max. 9 bar outlet pressure
  • 51 mm body diameter
yuksek rotor

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