Live Line Repair Clamps

Permanent solution with Live Line Repair Clamps without stopping your lines

rch-l (2)
Green Plastik Coupling

“Permanent solution with Live Line Repair Clamps without stopping your lines” Live Line Repair Clamps are used to quickly and easily repair leaks on straight pipes, as well as to join two pipes. As is known, our facilities are equipped with pipelines of kilometers long. However, over time, the pipes wear out and therefore leaks occur. If these leaks are on important lines, they cause downtime or there are some temporary solutions until the time of downtime. Many sizes of Repair Clamps, which are used extensively in the maritime industry, are supplied immediately from our stocks.

Elbow Type Repair Clamps ( RCH-E Elbow Type )

RCH-E (Elbow Type) model “Elbow Type Repair Clamps” provide the opportunity to repair elbows on lines without stopping the line. 15A-150A sizes are available in stock with NBR inner seal.


For example;

EPDMBetween -30ºC and +90ºCHot and cold water, air, dust and general purpose use
NBRBetween -20ºC and + 70ºCNatural gas, gasoline, diesel, oil and other hydrocarbons
SILICONBetween -50ºC and + 200ºCFor hot applications
VITONBetween -30ºC and +230ºCWhere high temperature and chemical resistance are required

  Please contact our company for the models we have in stock and for more detailed information.


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