Manual Lubrication Equipment

Although the automatic lubrication system gives successful results in many applications, it is often not possible to install an automatic lubrication system at all points in the factories.  For this reason, for points where manual lubrication is required, air-operated oil and grease pumps, grease hand guns, rechargeable grease guns, grease meters, etc. are used extensively in industry. As TPM Mühendislik in Turkey, we are happy to successfully serve the industry with the lubrication equipment of Assalub and Abnox companies. You can find the details of these products in the menus below.

Assalub Dijital Gresmetre

Rechargeable Grease Gun

Digital Liquid Oil Meter

Grease & Oil Pumps

Abnox Hand Grease Gun

Assalub Oil Cleaner

High Pressure Hand Grease Pump (700 bar)

Manual Oil Pump

Teklif Al