Maso Sinus SPS Series

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The most precise transfer for viscous products without crushing particles or changing viscosity!

SPS Series

MASO is a specially designed pump with high suction capability (up to 0.85 bar), which, thanks to its fan in the shape of a sinus curve, allows to transfer high-viscosity (max. 1,000,000 cp) and granular products (max. 60 mm) without pulsing, without disturbing the viscosity of the product, without wearing out the product and without crushing the particles in it.

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Maso Pump; It is used intensively in the food and cosmetics industry and in the chemical industry where high-viscosity or delicate products are transferred. Among the most important advantages of Maso Pump; Transferring the product softly and gently without pulsing, ease of maintenance and high suction capability can be listed. Ecosine consists of 11 different models in two different categories as 3 different models and the most preferred SPS Series as 8 different models. It can reach up to 180 cubic meters / hour flow and 16 bar pressure.

There are many successful references about the maso pump, which is working successfully in many application points in Turkey. Aromsa (for flavor transfer), Yörsan, Aynes, Moova, Kaanlar, Ekici, 

Sek Süt and Muratbey Peynircilik (for curd cheese transfer), Ak Gıda (for fruit yogurt transfer), Eti Gıda and Ülker (for cake dough transfer), Colgate, L’oréal, Hunca Kozmetik and Komili (for shampoo transfer), Erpiliç (for minced meat transfer), Aroma and Pepsi (for fruit concentrate transfer) and Nestle (for whole pistachio chocolate transfer) and Şölen Çikolata (for emulsifier transfer) can be given as an example for these.

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