Nickel Premium Anti-Seize

GENERAL INFORMATION: SAF–T–EZE Nickel Premium Anti-Seize is a completely smooth and non-separating formula consisting of grease thickened with lithium soap containing very fine particles of pure nickel. This high performance grease and the solid particles in it are lubricating under high pressure; It prevents winding, cold boiling, and also water washing and galvanic pits caused by road salt, acid rain and electrolysis of salt water. SAF–T–EZE Nickel Premium Anti-Seize does not harden and has excellent heat stability. The particles in it do not evaporate due to high temperature or similar reasons and do not lose their properties. The temperature resistance properties of these particles prevent carbonization even at temperatures up to 1450°C. This Anti-Seize compound does not contain lead, copper or molybdenum disulfide compounds. Nickel Premium fulfils the conditions of MIL–A-907E. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:

Colour:Silver grey
Temperature Range:-54°C to 1450°C
Density:1.2 gr/cc
Penetration:270 ± 20
Drop Point:193°C
Flash Point:260°C
Particle Size:Max. (25 µ)
Coefficient of Friction:0.085

ADVANTAGES: SAF–T–EZE Nickel Premium Anti-Seize is recommended for very different metals used together, such as brass and steel. This is why nickel is a hard metal and prevents the surfaces from welding together. This material can also be used on high nickel alloy metals such as stainless steel, where titanium or other hard metals are present. Also, Nickel Premium Anti–Seize can be used in combustive plants that ammonium or high acidity treatments are carried out, that metals such as copper cannot be used. If the surface does not contain coarse grit or low quality oil/grease and very high performance is not desired, these surfaces do not need to be cleaned. This product can be used in threaded parts, valve rings, chains, bearings, rollers, shrink fits, bearings, bolts and nuts under high temperature. NOTE: This product is not recommended in pure oxygen systems. Please contact our company for more detailed information. 



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