Air Dust Collectors

Air Dust Collectors have three functions: suction, blowing and both suction and blowing. It is very suitable for automation systems with its fast response. It is possible to control the power by choosing one of three functions, it can easily transport, collect and lift solids, liquids and gases. It is suitable for you to change the mouth shape according to the area you will use it in.

Air Dust Collector; It is a multifunctional air gun that can simultaneously suck, blow and control gas, liquid and solids and adjust the intensity through the button.

The shape of the suction nozzle can be changed and rotated according to the intended use, and foreign matter such as deep grooves, gaps, hard-to-reach places and corners, which is impossible with general vacuum cleaners, can be easily transported, collected and removed, and has an optimal effect in the application of automation systems, especially since it has an excellent instantaneous effect.

Since the Air Dust Collector uses compressed air as its power source, it does not produce heat even after long-term use, so it is possible to avoid the risk of explosion and semi-permanent life of the tool. Air Dust Collector is a multifunctional air gun developed with ease of use, safety and economy in mind, and is indispensable for environmental improvement.

Air Dust Collectors

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