Large Particulate Collector

Dust collection systems should be considered not only to prevent dust from air pollution, but also as a part of the dust capture system. One of the most important distinguishing features for dust collection systems is humidity and temperature. They play an important role in equipment selection for dust collector systems.

For air cleaning, industrial dust collection systems are also used as dust collection priority depending on the industry in which they are used.

Thanks to particle collection systems, you can achieve a safe environment in terms of air quality and work safety in work areas. It plays a role in collecting particles that you would have difficulty in controlling manually, with suction power.

Large Particle collectors are capable of quickly collecting dust particles larger than 2 microns. It raises the filter bags by filtering down to 2 microns and collecting the air in its chamber containing dust-laden particles heavier than the air flow. As the air passes through the filter bag, dust particles are collected on the outer surface of the filter bag and the cleaned air is discharged through the air collector.

Large Particulate Collector

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