R01 Retainer

GENERAL INFORMATION: SAF–T–LOK anaerobic adhesives/sealants are solvent-free, one-component liquids formulated for sealing, locking, holding and bonding and mounting metal parts. They do not degrade in contact with air. When these products are placed between two bedding metals, they solidify to form reversible bonds and seals that are resistant to vibration and leakage. SAF-T-LOK adhesives/sealants resist corrosion, galvanic effects, and vibrational expansions over a wide temperature range, and can also be disassembled with ordinary tools if desired. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SAF–T–LOK R01 is a general-purpose, low-viscosity, fast-curing, high-performance gap-filling compound that can operate up to 180°C. This product has been developed for use in cylindrical surface fasteners for bushings, bearings, gears, rollers to operate on shafts and splines. It also serves to increase the durability of the press connections. SAF–T–LOK R01 reaches its full strength within 1–6 hours depending on cleanliness and configuration. If it is heated up to 120°C, it will cure in 10-20 minutes. SAF – T – LOK R01 provides TYPE 1 for MIL R 46082 and ASTM 4562 specifications. IT REDUCES COST: It eliminates processes such as milling, slotting, cutting threads, drilling, thinning, expanding holes, which are required for mechanical locking systems. It provides the required burn tolerance and smooth surface for press connections. It eliminates gaps in connections. IT INCREASES RELIABILITY: It prevents expansion caused by corrosion and vibration and increases the strength of press connections. IT IS EASY TO USE AND RELIABLE: The one-part adhesive does not need to be measured, stirred or heated to solidify. It does not scatter, it is easy to clean and it is odorless. It has a wide range of application methods to meet specific needs.


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