Regular Anti-Seize

GENERAL INFORMATION: SAF–T–EZE Regular Hi–Temp Anti-Seize provides protection as a lubricant and anti-seize under high temperature and pressure conditions and prevents jamming and corrosion on metal parts.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It can be used instead of graphite lubricant and rust inhibitor on the material surface with its simple, non-segregating formula. It is a thickened grease whose soap is lithium. This high-performance grease shows lubricating properties at high pressures and prevents jamming and boiling. Also, it prevents galvanic depositing and corrosion in the material that can occur with the electrolysis of acid or salt water. SAF–T–EZE Regular Anti–Seize has high thermal stability. It does not harden. It does not evaporate at high temperature. Thanks to its high heat resistance, it prevents carbon fusion and boiling even at temperatures close to 1100°C. It contains no lead, molybdenum disulfide or halogen components. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:

Color:Silver Grey
Temperature Range:-54°C to 1100°C
NLGI Degree:1
Surface gravity:1.2
Penetration:270 ± 20
Drop Point:193°C
Flash Point:260°C
Particle Size:Max. (25 µ)
Coefficient of Friction:0.08

  ADVANTAGES: It can be used as a lubricant, protector and space filler in plastic parts as well as in metals. In order to obtain the highest performance, the application surface should be cleaned of low-quality oil, grease and particles. The resulting reduction in friction results in an increase in torque tension of approximately 20%. USAGE AREAS: Heat Exchangers, Bearings, Bolts, Gears, Valves, Hinges, Shafts. NOTE: This product is not recommended in pure oxygen systems. Please contact our company for more detailed information.


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