SF Series (High Flow)

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SF Series are barrel pumps that are produced for acid, base and corrosive fluids, promising strong performance for medium viscosity fluids.

Technical Information 

  • Double fan high flow pump
  • Powerful motor
  • Suitability for IBCs, tanks, containers, drums and barrels
  • Packingless design
  • Polypropylene and PVDF body options
  • Air, electric or ex-proof electric motor options
  • Different fan options for high flow or high outlet pressure
  • Max. 1,200 cps viscosity limit
  • Max. 1.83 g/cm3 density
  • Max. temperature resistance: 66 C (Polypropylene), 71 C (PVDF) and 100 C (316SS)
  • Max. 140 l/min flow
  • Max. 15 m head
  • 51 mm body diameter

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