Silicone Lube (Silicone Spray)

GENERAL INFORMATION: SAF–T–EZE Silicone–Lube Food/Drug Grade is made from premium quality silicone to act as a good lubricant in areas where commonly used hydrocarbons and oils evaporate. This silicone penetrates the surface of plastics, rubbers and metals, forming a lubricating layer. SAF–T–EZE Silicone–Lube Food/Drug Grade provides uniform lubrication up to 260°C because it maintains the same viscosity at low and high temperatures. This product is colorless, residue-free, tasteless and non-staining. Provides excellent lubrication for metallic and non-metallic surfaces. SAF–T–EZE Silicone–Lube Food/Drug Grade is approved by the US Department of Agriculture. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: 

Temperature Range:Between -51°C and 260°C
Flash Point:316°C
Density:0.7 gr/cc

  ADVANTAGES: • Reduces friction and lubricates conveyors. • It does not leave stains and is free of residue. • It can be used as a separator. • It can work in a wide temperature range • It is used in metal, plastic and rubber. USAGE POINTS: • Conveyor channels • Beds at high temperatures • Electrical and Electronic equipments • Rails • Ovens • Cutting Equipments • Places in contact with the product • In beds • In molds For more detailed information, please contact our company. 



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