Soft Packings

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In businesses; valves, pumps, etc. soft (braided) packings are used in many applications. These packings vary according to the area where it is used, fluid, pressure and temperature. As a general principle, every soft packing consists of a thread and a lubricant. The combined performance of these two parts affects the strength of the packing. Therefore, the application conditions (temperature, pressure, fluid information, pump speed, etc.) are known in detail in order to be able to choose a suitable soft packing.

Soft packing is used to prevent or control the leakage of the transferred fluid in the pumps through the gap between the pump body and the rotating shaft, and to prevent the intake of air from the outside. One of the most important features expected from soft packings is the low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity in order to transmit the heat generated by the friction of the packing and the shaft packing to the body over it. In some applications, packing fluid can be used to cool the shaft and packing, which is heated by the friction of the shaft seal with the seal. This method is especially preferred when there are particles in the fluid. In this way, both the generated heat is removed and the particles between the shaft and packing are cleaned and a better sealing surface is obtained. It is the most preferred method to cool and lubricate the packing with the fluid pumped by the pump. In some working conditions stated below, pressurized clean water or liquid supplied from an external source independent from the pump should be used instead of the liquid pumped directly by the pump as the packing fluid. If the temperature of the water pumped in uncooled hot water pumps is greater than 120℃;

  • In condensate pumps,
  • In the case of pumping sandy, muddy waters containing solid particles,
  • In case of pressing liquids that evaporate and crystallize due to high temperature, sticky liquids such as fruit juice concentrate, molasses, etc.,

The need for coolant is completely eliminated with Pure Graphite Packings, the details of which can be found in the following menus, in high temperature applications mentioned in the first two items above. It can transmit the heat generated on it to the body, and thus, no additional cooling liquid is needed, since pure graphite has a very high heat transmission ability. You can contact our company about the products that you cannot reach from our site, due to the continuous increase in these types in order to reach the details of the soft packing of the American JM CLIPPER company, which we represent, and depending on the developing technology. Our experienced team will select the appropriate model for you as soon as possible and inform you.







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