T/Gel Lube (Chain Spray)

GENERAL INFORMATION: SAF–T–EZE T/Gel Lube is a transparent, high pressure oil with high adhesion to the surface. With its unique combination of synthetic and natural lubricants and PTFE additive, T/Gel Lube is the best of its kind. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SAF–T–EZE T/Gel Lube complies with MIL–C–16173D Grade3 Class1 and MIL–C–81309D TypeIII specifications. It is a product with high adhesion, fast evaporating solvent and high temperature resistance (290°C). SAF–T–EZE T/Gel Lube does not cling to surfaces during vibration and impact operations with its high adhesion feature. It can penetrate the thinnest points with its high penetration ability. SAF–T–EZE T/Gel Lube withstands high temperatures without any deformation. It has a high melting and dropping point. It is a very good protector against rust and corrosion. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:

Transferor:Hydro Carbon
Temperature Range:Between -34°C and 290°C

APPLICATION LOCATIONS: Chain and sprocket links, open gears, ropes and cables, conveyors, all kinds of marine applications, applications affected by corrosion. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake the can thoroughly before use. Spray the area to be applied and wait for the solvent to evaporate. Please contact our company for more detailed information.


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