T42 Threadlocker

GENERAL INFORMATION: SAF–T–LOK anaerobic adhesive/leak suppressants are a one-component solvent-free compound formulated to lock, seal, seal and bond metal parts. It does not deteriorate in contact with air, it cures between two metals that are abetting each other in an oxygen-free environment. It forms a reversible polymer layer between the parts. In addition to fluid sealing for the user, SAF-T-LOK products are resistant to solvent, corrosion and galvanic effects between parts, bolt fasteners, bolt fasteners, industrial maintenance chemicals, saf-t-lok, fluid tightness, low strength fastening, industrial chemicals, bolts stabilizer, bolt fasteners, bolt fixing, industrial maintenance chemicals, saf-t-lok, fluid tightness, low strength fixing, industrial chemicals resistance. SAF–T–LOK T42, after curing, allows parts to be disassembled with normal tools when desired.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SAF–T–LOK T42; It is used for low-strength locking and sealing, developed for bolt fastening and similar applications that require readjustment. Although this product pre-lubricates the mounting elements, it allows mounting with the required torque. It can be applied in situations that do not require high strength. Choosing this product is highly reliable in low strength fastenings as well as fluid tightness. IMPROVED EQUIPMENT RELIABILITY: It increases reliability by applying a greater fixing force to the locking screw and washer under vibration. It allows tightening with the appropriate torque for the required degree of fixation. It also provides significant savings compared to mechanical fastening methods. EASE OF APPLICATION: It does not need to be mixed with an adhesive material. It has a wide range of application methods to meet specific needs. It is easy to clean and has very little odor.


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