Wangen Hygienic MX Pump

MX Model Hygienic Pumps, known as Knoll® brand in the past, have now been completely purchased by Wangen as of 2019, and we, the distributor of Wangen in Turkey, TPM Engineering, are responsible for all production, spare parts, service and maintenance services.


Since it has many years of experience in hygienic applications such as the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, the MX series that can reach higher pressures are now in our product portfolio. MX Pumps are made entirely of stainless steel and are very easy to maintain. One of the strongest features of Wangen Pumps, “Cardan Shaft” (the system that does not use the pin joint that transmits the power from the motor to the pump) is designed with a hygienic cover. If necessary, the electric motor of MX Pumps can also be hygienically designed from stainless steel. With MX Pumps with 4 different pump sizes, MX10, MX20, MX30 and MX50, high viscosity chemicals can be transferred or materials such as chocolate, cream and caramel can be dosed in small quantities. Its capacity is max.100 m3/h flow rate and 80bar outlet pressure.

mx modeller tpm

In MX Pumps, which are very suitable for hygienic dosing applications, the MX10 model, which is seen on the right, is generally preferred for this type of work.

Wangen MX Pumps, which are also very suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning processes, will more than provide the hygienic conditions you are looking for.

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mxon pump

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